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Master of Science - Artificial Intelligence Engineering (Non-Thesis) at Yasar University: Tuition Fee: $7.200 Full Program (Scholarship Available)

MSc in Artificial Intelligence Engineering (Non-Thesis/English)

“A master’s program redefining every aspect of life from health to industry as well as scientific-technological research…”

Yaşar University Artificial Intelligence Engineering Master’s Program with Thesis aims to provide its students with knowledge and skills on the basic scientific methods of artificial intelligence engineering and a wide range of application areas. As in the emergence of electrical-electronics engineering as a consequence of advances in electrical physics in the 19th century, today’s digital computers with high memory and processing speeds had emerged by means of microelectronics technology, so then the electrical-electronic engineering that left its mark on the 20th century has led to the development of computer and software engineering as independent branches. As a natural result of these advances, Artificial Intelligence Engineering too has risen to a position that allows digital computers, namely the machines in the general sense, to be programmed to perform functions that features intelligence and to learn from data in an autonomous way. Artificial Intelligence engineering, which finds applications in almost all technological, economic and social fields as well as in image and voice recognition, wired and wireless communication, smart cities, smart networks, internet of things, autonomous vehicles, and robotics with providing state of the art solutions that show superior performances in comparison to the conventional methods, continues its development as an engineering field at an increasing rate. Yaşar University Artificial Intelligence Engineering Master’s Program with Thesis has been designed to provide students with the basic theoretical knowledge of artificial intelligence engineering such as machine learning, the ability to program artificial intelligence algorithms, and the application ability in different fields in accordance with the students’ background and research interests. The program aims to raise graduates who establish an academic career in the field of artificial intelligence engineering, set up their own companies to develop innovative artificial intelligence products and provide artificial intelligence engineering solutions, or realize technology-oriented artificial intelligence engineering projects in the industry or in the public sector.

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