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Master of Science - Business Engineering (Non-Thesis) at Yasar University: Tuition Fee: $7.200 Full Program (Scholarship Available)


The Business Engineering MSc programme is taught in English and positions itself uniquely at the intersection of Business, Management and Industrial Engineering, specifically targeting to fill the need for people building on their technical background adding business and management skills. Today’s business environment value skillsets above everything else. It is the skillset which will allow businesses to transform technologies into opportunities via innovation data analytics.
This programme ensures a holistic view of all dimensions of analytics in business. It supports not only the design of new business models, business processes and information systems, but also their implementation. Therefore, it contemplates all dimensions of the transformation.
The Business Engineering MSc programme at Yaşar University combines Business Administration, Management Science with technology and engineering. Graduates of the programme are expected to successfully coordinate interdisciplinary teams and deploy high impact projects from beginning to the end.
In this sense, the program; has a sufficient background in business and management sciences; use practical knowledge to produce innovative solutions and to make sustainable contributions; create new business lines based on innovation and create ideas for innovation for SME establishment; new product development, competitiveness and market analysis, market diversification, incubation processes, innovation finance, quality, risk, distribution management; It aims to educate individuals who design, improve and manage planning, coordinating and supervising related activities. In addition, effective use of project, risk change and strategic management techniques and tools in real life innovation problems; have the ability to find, select and use modern techniques and calculation tools required for innovation and sustainable development practices; have the ability to work in teams and cooperate with others, individual work, initiative and entrepreneurship; It also aims to develop individuals who have the ability to communicate effectively by using ideas and results in both written and oral forms.

Programme structure

Second Cycle, Master of Science Degree (M.Sc.) without Thesis in Business Engineering is awarded to students who have scored a Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of not less than 3.00/4.00 and have completed all the courses (120 ECTS). The course plan consists of 3 compulsory courses and 7 elective courses and a project. Operations Management, Business Planning & Project Management and Research Methods and Ethics courses provide every student a necessary foundation. Students of the programme can then choose remaining elective courses from a wide range of possibilities from the appropriate elective course pools. The non-thesis programme also includes a, preferably real-world, project (usually supported by a programme partner company). The project will include both a research and a practical element giving the student opportunity to impress not only the faculty but also partner companies as potential employers.

Career opportunities

Business Engineering MSc programme is designed for people coming from a wide range of background, preferably with some industry experience and wants to improve themselves on business analytics, project management and entrepreneurship/innovation.
Graduates of the programme are often offered crucial managerial and research positions in business, national and international institutions, and universities. Usually starting from technical expert positions, quickly moving up to executive functions in various business domains in companies and organizations. Based on the variety of skills acquired, graduates of Yasar Business Engineering MSc programme are in high demand by companies ranging from start-ups and small firms to multinational corporations – for various positions at home and abroad.
Graduates of Yaşar University’s Business Engineering programme, will build on their education in their respective fields and have the necessary skills that will distinguish them from the majority and put them in a position to lead change and innovation in an ever increasingly competitive workplace.

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