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Master of Science - Cyber Security (Non-Thesis) at Kadir HAS University: Tuition: $15,000 USD Entire Program (Scholarship Available)

According to the projections from the Statistics of U.S. Business, the need for labor in the field of cybersecurity will increase by 37% between 2012 and 2022. At the IDC’s Cybersecurity Summit held in Istanbul as of February 2018, it was stated that the number of cybersecurity specialists currently needed worldwide was 1,200,000. The annual need for specialists in the field of cybersecurity is higher than the sum of all the graduates from electrical electronics and engineering departments. It is a consensus among all the specialists that this need will increase incrementally.

Trade has been substantially transferred to the electronic environments (such as Amazon and Alibab). On the other hand, social media platforms (Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter etc.) have become something indispensable for people. As the governmental services are increasingly becoming electronic, the need of any type of organizations/corporations and companies for data, information security and cybersecurity specialist is further increasing.

Electronic systems are becoming more exposed to cyber-attacks as the cities are becoming “smart” through electronic services, the applications in the field of Internet of Things (IoT) are becoming more popular, industrial control systems and SCADA systems are being preferred in the national critical infrastructures and, the increase in digitalization of transportation and communication at an unprecedented pace.

For these reasons and more, it is obvious that the need for cybersecurity specialists will increase day by day.

Medium of instruction is English.
Thesis and non-thesis programs are available.
Course days and hours are arranged considering working students.

Why KHAS Master’s Degree Program in Cybersecurity?

  • The Research and Application Center for Cybersecurity & Critical Infrastructure Protection (CCIP) has been established and started to work within the organization of Kadir Has University. In this context, cybersecurity camps are held based on the support from the Research Center and with the participation of students while programs where industrial representatives make speeches are organized.
  • Making use of the physical computation units and big data technologies that are available to it, the CCIP Research Center makes it possible to carry out and perform analyses and assessments that are intended to predict and stop possible cyber-attacks.
  • At the CCIP Research Center, it is aimed to improve today’s requirements by means of data mining and machine learning methods leveraging the respective cybersecurity data. Aykut Çayır and Uğur Ünal, our CCIP specialists in this field, have achieved a great worldwide success by means of being ranked 5th in the Microsoft Malware Prediction Competition, where the competitors attempt to detect malwares using data from Microsoft at Kaggle (an international platform, where price competitions are organized, for which competitors attempt to provide the best solution for certain problems using data shared by worldwide known companies such as Netflix, Facebook, Microsoft etc.).
  • If you want to improve yourself by means of making use of innovative approaches such as, in particular, data mining, machine learning and artificial intelligence, you are free to map out a route for yourselves in which you will be able to combine your studies in data science and cybersecurity with our specialists and academicians at the CCIP Research Center.
  • In addition, you may have a chance of pursuing a professional career by receiving sector-specific education during which active and experienced specialists will share their experience at the industry. The Master’s Degree Program in Cybersecurity is intended to train specialists who are needed in the field of cybersecurity by means of providing them with theoretical and practical educational opportunities.

Contact Info:
Prof. Hasan DAĞ
(0212) 533 6532 Extent: 1265

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