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Master of Science - Mechatronics Engineering (Thesis/Non-Thesis) at TED University: Tuition: $8000 USD Entire Program (Scholarship Available)

By definition, mechatronics is the synergistic integration of the mechanical engineering, electronics engineering, and the computer engineering disciplines. Mechatronics reveals a new philosophy for education, design, and the production. Modern mechatronic systems are composed of sensors, actuators, control systems, and the intelligent algorithms which give them the ability to cope with uncertainties and to reach superior performance. Today, many mechatronic products are available in the market in the forms of manned/unmanned vehicles, medical devices, robotic systems, high precision manufacturing systems ... Mechatronics engineering provides a novel methodology to design and produce such complex systems. Today, the synergistic integration is applied to various fields evolving new research axes such as the robotic vehicles, biomimetics, social robotics, etc.

Concerning the emerging face of the mechatronics, the Mechatronics Engineering Graduate Program of TED Üniversity is governed by the Mechanical Engineering Department, Electrical-Electronics Engineering Department, Computer Engineering Department, Department of Mathematics, and the Department of Psychology. The multi-disciplinary program offers a wide range of research topics for the graduate students. The offered research fields in TEDU are including, but not limited to, the followings.

- Collaborative and social robots,

- Robot-aided production,

- Intelligent manufacturing systems,

- Robotic rehabilitation

- Flying robots and mobile manipulators,

- Mechatronic systems for logistics,

- Modeling of the biological systems,

- Robot swarms,

- Neuroscience-neurorobotics interaction,

- Computational neuroscience,

- Robots mimicking the human motor control and learning,

- Biomimetics and biomechatronics,

- Autonomous vehicles,

- Exoskeletons.

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