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Master of Science - Molecular Biology (Thesis) at Uskudar University: Tuition: $3,870 (After Scholarship)

Molecular Biology Master's Degree

The objective of the master’s Degree Program in Molecular Biology is to educate individuals who have theoretical and technological requirements and equipment related to the field, who have followed the developments in their field and have gained the skill of acquiring, and who are focused on teaching by assimilating the learner's pleasure.

The Molecular Biology Master's program is to diagnose diseases, prepare for treatment, and to understand the causes of diseases, as well as the molecular mechanisms that may cause diseases or any physical problem. It is a science that is needed to determine and establish genetic consultation or necessary life order to individuals. Therefore, high molecular biologists are needed in the health departments of organizations that are concerned with live health.

The Molecular Biology Master's Program fundamentally contributes to the development of high molecular biologists who will be able to meet the needs of qualified academic staff at home and abroad by providing the required knowledge to the individuals who will conduct research at the molecular level and to lead the studies that will be done.


What are the Courses Taken in the Molecular Biology Master's Program?

For this purpose, in the graduate program, a wide range of curriculum has been developed for the students to choose the necessary courses for the students to learn the basic information and the elective courses which are suitable for the field they want to work and to be able to complete both the basic knowledge and the information about the desired field.

Neuropsychology and psychology laboratories, neuroimaging laboratories, electrophysiological imaging laboratory, radiodiagnostic imaging laboratory, clinical biochemistry and toxicology laboratory, clinical pharmacogenetics laboratory, brain stimulation laboratories are also included in the program, which students can practically apply the theoretical knowledge they have obtained in practice.


Who Can Apply to the Molecular Biology Master's Program?

Students will be deemed to follow the Graduate Education and Training Regulations on admissions of students in acceptance of this Program. Students who graduate from the Departments of Biology, medicine, pharmacy, veterinary, and psychology can apply to the program. To graduate from a master’s program, they must collect at least 21 credits in two years (4 semesters). In addition, students will also participate in laboratory-based workshops to reinforce laboratory knowledge and cultures practically. Students can choose advisor lecturers before applying to the graduate program or they will be able to choose advisor lecturers after the credits are collected.

What are the Working Areas of Molecular Biology Master's Graduates?

Individuals who graduate from the graduate program can work in areas such as behavioral and addictive genetics, clinical genetics, plant genetics, microbial genetics, as well as pharmaceutical companies engaged in plant and bacterial biotechnology, industrial agriculture, private drug designing, forensic medicine laboratories, special diagnostic laboratories, state hospital genetic laboratories, private or public universities, researchers and academicians.

Our objectives are: to train individuals with professional competence equipped with the ability to analyze and synthesize, to become a graduate program contributing to national science and technology, to be one of the leading departments in the field of molecular biology, genetics and biotechnology.

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