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Master of Science - Neuroscience (Thesis) at Uskudar University: Tuition: $3,870 (After Scholarship)

Neuroscience is a multidisciplinary branch of science that focuses on the structure, function and development of the nervous systems. Traditionally included as a branch of biological sciences, neuroscience has become an independent and interdisciplinary field in which medicine, psychology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, computer engineering and several other scientific disciplines work together.

We offer top-tier quality education and research opportunities,with the academic vision that balances education with research in the thematic structure of our university and with our academic staff that present a model for this multidisciplinary structuring.

Üsküdar University Makes A Difference with Research Facilities

Üsküdar University Neuroscience MSc Program course content and the goals for the abilities that our graduates should possess present important differences from similar programs. The major difference of Neuroscience MSc Program from other similar programs is the neuroscience-focused research centers and laboratories with high technology infrastructure and equipment.

Neuroscience MSc Program has subdisciplines

In our program, the major subfields of Neuroscience is covered with obligatory and elective courses, presented in accordance with the highly multidisciplinary structure of the field. The major fields are Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience, Cognitive Neuroscience, Computational Neuroscience, Clinical Neuroscience, Systems Neuroscience, Developmental Neuroscience and Behavioral Neuroscience.

What are the courses in Neuroscience MSc Program? 

Neuroscience MSc Program starts with the introduction of how to perform scientific research in a field of neuroscience, together with the ethics and statistics. The courses introduce the essential background in the major subfields of Neuroscience and the students can choose to specialize more in the field they are interested in. In their thesis studies, students conduct their research on a unique question with the supervision of academic staff who are experts in their respective fields.

Details on our curriculum and course content can be accessed through our webpage.

What are the fields that Neuroscience MSc graduates can work in?

The goal of Neuroscience MSc Program is to train the future neuroscientists equipped with a solid background and excellent research abilities, who can approach contemporary questions from the perspective of neuroscience. The graduates possess the required background and the academical research discipline to pursue and academical career in this field. They can follow the most recent approaches and developments in the fields of Neuroscience.

The graduates of Neuroscience MSc Program can continue with a PhD and pursue an academical career, work as research assisstants or teaching assistants in universities, and find jobs in related areas of public and private sectors.

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