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Master of Science – Urban Design and Landscape Architecture (Thesis/Non-Thesis) at Yeditepe University: Tuition: $12000 USD Full Program (Scholarship Available)

Urban Design and Landscape Architecture The Thesis and Non-Thesis Master's program aims to teach the students the urban theories, design techniques and processes that comprise the environment and sustainability, ecology, economic, political and socio-cultural factors shaping today's cities. In this context, in addition to the topics of history, legal structure and theory about the concept of dynamics shaping urban / urban areas at global and local scale, ecology and sustainability, urban design theories and practices, urban renewal and transformation areas, real estate financing, environmental politics, ecosystem and resource analysis, natural and cultural landscaping areas, plant identification and evaluation techniques, environmental psychology and conservation policies and applications of geographic information systems are included in our master's thesis and non-thesis program.

When we look at urban transformation applications that rapidly transform urban centers and urban areas after 2000 in our country, it is seen that all of these projects are realized through urban design projects. The most important concepts on the agenda of debate on urban development and urban transformation in Europe and America are topics such as environmental and social sustainability, urban durability, protection of social and cultural heritage and smart cities. In this context, it has become impossible to address urban transformation projects independently of social, cultural, environmental and ecological sustainability issues in the planning practice that shapes cities.

It is possible to evaluate the courses in a wide range of subjects in two main modules within the Thesis and Non-Thesis Master's programs. In the first module, topics related to the built environment such as urban renewal and transformation projects in urban areas, urban design guidelines, real estate valuation techniques, environmental policies and environmental law, urban durability, social sustainability, legal / managerial structure and implementation techniques are included. In the second module, natural systems and ecology-based themes such as ecosystem and resource analysis, ecology and sustainability, plant protection and evaluation techniques, natural and cultural landscapes are covered. These modules are designed to categorize the courses under two general themes, and students with thesis and without thesis can take the courses they want from both modules in accordance with their interests and study subjects.

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