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Bachelors of Dentistry at Istanbul Kent University: $ 13,500/Year (After Scholarship)

Istanbul Kent University Faculty of Dentistry aims to improve oral and dental health services in Turkey with its role in raising individuals who can apply scientific renovations to their profession while being respectful to national and social values, and ethical principles.

Educational program in Faculty of Dentistry involves a five-year dentistry curriculum  comprised of ten academic semesters. Within the scope of this academic program, our students are provided with basic medical and clinical courses, supported with elective courses that contribute to their proffesional development, and allow them to specialise in their areas of interest. Academic staff in the clinical and basic medical sciences departments that is competent, and endowed with modern knowledge and skill that steers the scientific renovations in national and international platforms makes up the main source of the qualified dentistry education.

Educational program includes theoretical courses on basic medical and clinical sciences, deontology, history of dentistry along with practical courses, and on-patient clinical practices starting from the fifth semester. Besides,  educational program is enriched with elective courses, and English courses which will improve foreign language skills.

The mission of Faculty of Dentistry is to  ensure the participation of highly qualified individuals who will  maintain oral and dental health services in the workforce. Our faculty steps forth with its reputable and dynamic academic staff endowed with academic and proffesional experience in national and international field. Our academic staff has an up to date  educational perspective that supports scientific research, development and success, and is assured to carry our faculty to a leading position in scientific and educational field.

Faculty of Dentistry, along with the basic and clinical dentistry education, upskills its students by providing a suitable environment for scientifiic research. Projects and activities that are conducted with the participation of our students raises the awareness of professional solidarity, social responsibility, and predisposes communication skills to our students within the scope of our faculty.

Graduates can either work in their own clinics, or can be employed in private or governmental oral and dental health centers. Students can continue their postgraduate education by applying to postgraduate programs in private or public universities or by taking the exam for speciality in dentistry (DUS) within the rules of ÖSYM.

As Istanbul Kent University Faculty of Dentistry, we prepare our graduates to dentistry profession with distinct and distinguished professional skills.  We aim to provide our patients with the best health service in our clinics and laboratories equipped with the latest technology,  in a service manner  that focuses on enhancing the quality level in national and international scale. Knowing that success is a teamwork and a long journey, I would like to express my thanks to my dear colleagues in all academic and administrative staff for their efforts and support.

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